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3 days ago

SnowFit: An Innovative Approach to Employee Health and Wellness


by Lurlynn Potter and MarKay Gold

SnowFit is an employee health and wellness program that combines the benefits of step counting and education on healthy lifestyle choices, with motivational and inspirational support at the workplace. A feasibility study was conducted when it was determined that funding for the new program was available. This study concluded that the program had the potential to be virtually self-sustaining.

Program development involved negotiating five major items that were critical to the success of the program. A survey was conducted to validate the direction, community health experts were consulted, processes were put into place, and social

3 days ago

Nutrition & Supplement :: How long does marijuana stay in your system?

How long does marijuana stay in your system?

Marijuana is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). Cannabis is a term that refers to marijuana and other drugs made from the same plant. Other forms of cannabis include sinsemilla, hashish, and hash oil. All forms of cannabis are mind-altering (psychoactive) drugs. The main active chemical in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

"How long does marijuana stay in your system?" This question is asked by many different people, and for good reason. Marijuana (pot, herb, weed, grass) is the most commonly used and tested for drug in the

1 week ago

Health And Safety In the Manufacturing Industry by Karen Adams

Industries in a bid to increase production often ignore worker health and safety. Policies need to be set and revised annually to improve the worker's environment. Lucky Alloys a division of the Lucky Group shows us how vital worker health and safety is to a company

The manufacturing industry is one of the most demanding environments an individual could ever work in. The number of dangers a worker in a factory is exposed to often exceeds the benefits of the job. The hazards that a worker is exposed to can come in many forms. Extremely loud noise for prolonged periods often leads to hearing loss. While exposure and handling of certain harmful chemicals may lead to the worker falling ill; moreover the worker may fall ill gradually after continuous inhalation of certain chemicals over extended periods of time. Excess vibration or even sparks and metal filings from cutting machines can Occupational Health and Safety in South Africa be dangerous without the necessary precautions.

Many industries the world over often ignore health and safety norms because they claim they cannot afford it. Unions fight for their rights and companies find them unnecessary which eventually leads to strikes and huge losses. The simple solution is to take care of each and every danger that a worker in the plant would face. Moreover manufacturing plants and industries should always set safety norms before setting up and avoid such instances altogether.

Lucky Alloys is a Dubai based secondary and semi-primary aluminum alloy manufacturing facility that takes worker health and safety seriously. They follow strict policies at all levels of the work environment. These include detailed training and clear communication of instructions to all employees. Lucky Alloys is the alloy manufacturing division of the Lucky Group of companies which is based on a foundation that follows the best industry standards in terms of cleanliness, work environment and pollution. Moreover the company also updates their health policies regularly. All these policies would not be followed well without the help of experienced health and safety officers; even the operations and HR all ensure that worker health and safety policies are strictly followed. Lucky Alloys also makes an effort to periodically revise their designs and systems to introduce further ecologically beneficial products with smaller carbon footprints.

To know more about the company, visit us at

1 week ago

Health and Wellness Programs Made Available to Maryland Correctional Employees.

The stress and physical risks experienced by correctional employees

are a concern shared by many people associated with the corrections

field. Family members, co-workers, friends and supervisors can be

directly affected by an employee's negative feelings, attitudes and


Maryland's Department of Public Safety and Correctional

Services (DPSCS) encourages all employees to become knowledgeable about

and involved in programs intended to monitor and improve their physical

health and general well-being. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and

Club Maryland are statewide programs offered to all employees. Whereas

1 week ago

CNN Transcript - World Report: South African Soldiers Turn to Unions to Ease Process of Integration


South African Soldiers Turn to Unions to Ease Process of Integration

Aired February 27, 2000 - 2:17 p.m. ET


ASIEH NAMDAR, CNN ANCHOR: The task of integrating blacks and whites in South Africa after apartheid has been difficult. One of the most sensitive institutions has been the military, where black freedom fighters now serve alongside the white soldiers they once fought. Some soldiers are turning to unions to help work out their grievances.

South Africa's SABC reports from Pretoria.


ROBYN CURNOW, SABC: South Africa's soldiers have always marched alone, without the backing of union representation. Now they have a choice of four unions. the new Armed Forces Union of South Africa, or AFUSA, is the latest to start recruiting. Major Nare Makgakga says they'll organize around issues of affirmative and representivity.

MAJOR NARE MAKGAKGA, UNION LEADER: Since the election in 1994, there have been (UNINTELLIGIBLE) incidents being reported to the SANDF and nothing has been done about that. So because of now with the union, I think the union is going to do this kind of issues.

CURNOW: The AFUSA executive says the SANDF is still divided between a black army and a white army. Some military analysts fear that growth of union activity could further divide the newly integrated SANDF. But military command doesn't agree. This is because the military labor environment is uniquely structured.

Brigadier General Robin Herd explains that a military a union has to have 15,000 members before it has power within a military bargaining council. He says the bigger the membership the greater the focus will be on collective bargaining rather than individual grievances.

BRIG. GEN. ROBIN HERD, ARMY SPOKESMAN: The mutual interests we have defined as those areas of renumeration, employee benefits, occupational health and safety, the working environment, but specifically excluded from collective bargaining are military operations, military exercises and military training, which prepares the defense force.

CURNOW: Defense force unions are gearing up to play an increasingly prominent role in military life, especially with the prospect of demobilization or redeployment of about 15,000 military staff in the near future.

(on camera): South African soldiers aren't protected under the Labor Relations Act, thus leaving them in a vacuum. But the beginnings of a trade union movement give them a voice. It also them an avenue to health and safety management air their grievances without having to resort to, say, mutinies, or even a repeat of the Tempe shooting, when a soldier shot dead seven of his colleagues.

Robyn Curnow, SABC Pretoria for CNN WORLD REPORT.



1 month ago

Five Reasons Corporate Wellness Is More Important Than Ever

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

As the president of a corporate wellness company, Kinema Fitness, I have noticed a recent trend in the way companies are approaching employee-based wellness programs. Namely, companies are taking employee wellness more seriously now. They are truly trying to figure out the right solution to combat rising health issues and healthcare costs. Unfortunately, too many companies are trying to implement wellness programs with little to no experience or game plan for success. As a result, more programs fail than succeed.

The real probl

1 month ago

Workplace Wellness Program Trends.

A worksite health promotion initiative in the workplace ought to be designed to help mitigate an employee's healthcare needs as well as ensure that job goals are healthy and in balance.

Now a employee wellness initiative can't fix an illness as severe as Lupus, but it may assist the worker to better manage the physical needs and stress that may go along with such an ailment. Many females who suffer from premenstrual headaches often find themselves changing from one brand of birth control medication to another, but frequently, an employee wellness initiative can help identify methods to better alleviate such headaches without modifying prescription drugs.

Health and wellness products are not generally promoted within a corporate wellness initiative, although they are not discouraged. Worksite wellness initiatives are most frequently used to help staff members identify simple ways to enhance their health and well-being , through bettering nutrition and adding routine exercise.

A good corporate health promotion program should also tailor personal activities, meals or recommendations to each person depending on their own specific needs. The activity level for an individual recovering from a knee replacement surgery will be considerably different than the program for a normal healthy adult. Worksite health promotion will be unique.

A lot of companies find that offering an occasional on the job massage is adequate to promote an excellent spirit of workmanship in the workplace . It is indisputable that a massage feels refreshing, but studies have noted that a good deep tissue massage generally promotes good circulation, increased brain activity and increases alertness for several hours, all good factors in the workplace .

A workplace health promotion program isn't a surefire method to get all workers on the same page as far as their health and well-being , but it is a step in the right direction. When more and more companies promote wellness in the worksite it becomes the norm and workers are more likely to follow suit by taking responsibility for their own health and wellness by making better long-term options .

By: John Bate

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John Bates is the most prolific health and wellness expert of this generation. His work and more than 5,000 free employee wellness related handout, posters, guides, tool kits at Wellness Proposals and Infinite Wellness Solutions. On both sites you will also find a complimentary Wellness