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3 days ago

Management of Occupational Health and Safety in Papua New Guinea mining: with special reference to Ok Tedi, Porgera and Lihir gold mines.


Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) is a topic of

considerable relevance for the Papua New Guinea (PNG) mining industry.

The unique environments in which PNG mining operates has confronted the

industry with particular dilemmas that have attracted a range of

investments to mitigate the problems associated with OH & S. This

paper discusses OH & S management in the PNG mining industry with

specific case studies of Ok Tedi, Porgera and Lihir gold mines. The

content deals with the designing of effective OH & S regulations and

policies that can benefit all mining indu

6 days ago

keeping the workplace safe from hazards and in full compliance with laws and regulations -- Occupational Health & Safety

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Management :: Ideas For Team Names

Are you in the throws of building a new team? In that case, whether it's a sports team, youth group, cultural group, or corporate team, you're going to need plenty of ideas for team names. That's no easy task! So, here you have a few ideas as to how to go about choosing a terrific team building name.

First and foremost, the team leader should get together with all team members, and ask each individual for their ideas. You're bound to be presented with many and varied suggestions, so it will be no easy task making the final choice. But, it's extremely important that everyone has their say, and approves of the name picked. For, this is a team and, as such, you'll want everyone to feel happy about the name, believing that each and every one of them has participated in its selection.

However, before letting your team loose on volunteering all their suggestions, you may like to mention the following tips to them.

Your team will need to consider its function, and come up with a name that complements this. If it's sport's oriented, a strong - even aggressive - name could be appropriate like the Chargers or Raiders. On the other hand, a cultural group might prefer a gentler-sounding name, whilst a corporate team would do better to choose something to match their business aims and standards.

To get some ideas, your team members may like to look at names chosen by well-known teams in their field. Sometimes these are names of birds or animals, like Panthers and Sharks, and may be accompanied by a colour. Often the names are based around different types of groups. For example, Pirates, Indians and Angels.

Is your team purely local? Then why not make the town or city part of the team name, accompanied by an appropriate adjective, noun, or color. Or, if the team is part of a company, why not use the firm's name in the same way? Make use of words such as "champions", "heroes", etc.

A team name needs to be as short and snappy as possible. Don't worry about it sounding slightly exaggerated - rather that than having it too mild and anaemic. And, consider using rhyming and alliteration.

Yet another way of coming up with team building names is to take the initials of all its members, juggle them around, and make them into suitable words. This way, everyone has a share in the name.

Once you've decided on a name, you'll then want to come up with a suitable slogan for the team. To do this, take each letter of the name, and think of an appropriate descriptive word which begins with that letter. To give a short, easy example, if your team's name were the "Reds", you'd make your slogan something along the following lines:

R - resolute E - efficient D - determined S - steadfast

And, voil

1 week ago

History of Workplace Safety in the United States

3 Deadliest U.S. Workplace Tragedies

Texas City

The Texas City disaster of April 16, 1947 was the deadliest industrial accident in U.S. history, killing nearly 600 people. The deadly accident occurred when about 2,300 tons of ammonium nitrate detonated by a fire on the SS Grandcamp which was docked in the Port of Texas City with the cargo.

In 2005, Texas City dealt with another deadly fire that left 15 dead while wounding 170.

Port Chicago, California

Three years earlier, in 1944, on the evening of July 17 military personnel and civilian employees were hand loading two cargo ships with munitions headed for the Pacific Theater war effort during WWII. The pair of ships had 5,000 tons of bombs and was adjacent to a train with 10 boxcars filled with munitions. An explosion occurred between 10-10:30 p.m. that was reportedly heard 200 miles away. More than 300 people died in the explosion.

New York City

Thirty-three years earlier, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire left 146 workers dead. Fire broke out on the eight floor of the building on the afternoon of March 25, 1911. Although, fire departments responded relatively quickly to the scene, efforts to fight the blaze were hampered by ladders that would not reach beyond the 6th floor. Backlash from the tragedy was instrumental in getting modern safety laws enacted.

It doesn't seem probable, but in the United States 12 people die every day on the job. But what may be even more surprising, is the cause of death and the industry and occupations where these deaths occur is not police officers or even military personnel. And, most of the deaths occur in jobs that pay less than $40,000 a year.

No Laws

America has a checkered past when it comes to safety inside the workplace. When the Industrial Revolution occurred in the late 1800s, legislation tended to lag behind the need to properly protect workers. In fact, children were victims of many of the deaths and laws prohibiting child labor would not even be legislated until 1938 when minimum ages of employment and hours of work for children were finally regulated by federal law.

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Occupational Health |

Occupational Vs. Physical Therapy

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Occupational Therapy for Children

Parenting is a constant learning process. We often do not understand children and their needs. Occupational therapy for children has become a holistic healing tool for many children in need.

2 weeks ago

Health and Safety Management Training to Reduce Company Risk

Having policies and practices intact in the workplace is essential to ensure the safety, health and to reduce company risks. There is no doubt that without having the proper policies and practices, and even training, that the company is not only not operating to its full potential, but there will be a cost loss and the risk of injuries will be greater. There is also the possibility to all members of the company that they are not working in a healthy environment, and there will be employee out time. All, of which, directly affect the company and the day to day operations of the company.

Many companies in the UK realize this and have engaged in the participation of health and safety training. Health and safety training is providing the members of the company with the knowledge and skills to successfully manage risk. Professional training ensures that the members of the company develop the skills and competencies that are necessary to make this happen. Managing occupational health, safety and environmental issues in the workplace is essential in order to reduce the risks within the company. When the company begins to look into training to manage occupational health, safety and environmental issues, they will find a number of accredited courses, which they can, with the members of their company, participate in. What kinds of classes are available to companies in the UK that wish to participate in health and safety training?

There are a number of classes that are open to businesses across the United Kingdom that can be taken at centers across the UK or the professionals will come to the company location and train onsite. The various types of courses will include:

* Short courses

* Fire: institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and NEBOSH

* Construction: IOSH, NEBOSH, and Construction Design Management (CDM) courses

* Environmental: The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) courses

* IOSH and NEBOSH accredited courses

What to Look for in a health and safety management Consultancy?

You definitely want to look for a firm that has the credentials and has years of experience in health and safety training. The company should be a trusted name in the industry and offer a variety of courses. The courses should be innovative and flexible and meet the specific needs of the company. Those training within the company should be professionals and have the experience and skill to teach the courses. Lastly, the company should be ISO 9001. Companies do benefit from using the services that are offered through Health and Safety Consultancy firms, as they are the providers that teach the specific courses that are geared to ensure the health and safety of the members of the business and that enhance the workplace. Without having the benefit of health and safety training, the company is not only at risk, the employees within the company are at risk, and operation of the company will suffer, as there will be many different things that affect its day to day operation such as employee out time.

2 weeks ago

Report slams FEMA on health hazard in emergency housing

By Mike M. Ahlers

CNN Producer

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- In the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was slow to address early signs of formaldehyde problems in emergency housing and overstated actions it was taking to address the problem, according to a report released Thursday by a federal inspector general.

A federal report released Thursday criticizes FEMA's response to formaldehyde problems in trailers.

A federal report released Thursday criticizes FEMA's response to formaldehyd

3 weeks ago

Best and worst jobs for your health

A healthy job is about more than just avoiding hazards, like dangerous material and machines.

Employees need respect, benefits, wellness incentives, and control over their work, says L. Casey Chosewood, MD, senior medical officer for the Total Worker Health program at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. "What matters equally is the quality of life away from work, and how we can protect and grow that."

Every job and employer is different, but there are ways to make any job healthier. Try borrowing strategies from our list of the best, then read on for the worst.

Fitness instructor

3 weeks ago

How Rewards Affect Employee Behavior

They are often taken for granted, since almost all organizations offer them to permanent employees. Organizations gain reward power, because they are able to provide positive valences that employees find valuable. Research has found that reward systems have a significant impact on employee's perception of organizational leadership. The incentive industry is booming. Organizations invest in developing programs that attract, retain, and motivate employees. This is because incentive programs work. Basically, you obtain the performance of employment you deliver in terms of benefits.

The results of employee rewards play an important role in organizational behavior. The rewards an organizat

3 weeks ago

Trucks :: Preventing Bucket Truck Overturns and Boom Failures

Accidents related to a bucket truck may happen anytime and any place; however this kind of occurrence can be prevented through compliance to the set of rules and safety standards made by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) & American National Standard Institute (ANSI). By abiding to these federal safety standards, workers can avoid serious or deadly injuries. The most common and foreseeable accidents associated with the use of boom trucks are overturns and boom failures.

Many workers died annually as a result of falls that have been reported by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (USBLS CFOI). The incidence of serious injuries will continue to rise if workers do not follow safety standards to minimize potential dangers. To solve this existing problem, OSHA continuously implements health and safety guidelines to decrease the number of fatalities that occur each year.

To avert these common accidents from happening and to minimize the number of injuries each year, we have gathered together a set of guidelines. This set of rules and regulations can serve as a precautionary measure to lessen the identified occupational incident.

Overturn Guidelines

1. Don't attempt to park on unpaved surfaces. This may result in a tip-over when the boom is being maneuvered to raise the bucket. Make sure that the truck is parked on even ground.

2. Don't exceed the bucket's loading capacity. Always refer to the manufacturer's manual and user's guide to make sure that you are within the vehicle's capacity to lift materials.

3. Don't use the bucket truck when there is a strong wind. The wind currents could eventually cause the vehicle to overturn when the aerial lift is raised. The boom should not be used if the prevailing wind exceeds 30 mph.

4. Hydraulic outriggers should be positioned in place to re-enforce stability. This is to ensure a firm footing for the vehicle.

5. The emergency brake should be engaged and wheels secured with a block of wood/chocked.

6. Don't drive when the aerial lift is raised and extended especially when the employee is still inside the bucket.

Boom Failure Guidelines

1. Conduct pre-operation inspections to make sure that the utility vehicle is in good working condition. Any deficiencies should be corrected prior to the usage of the vehicle.

2. Test the boom control to ensure that everything is functional. Check hydraulic or electrical system that controls the boom so that, in case of an electrical power failure occurring, the boom is prevented from sudden movement. An electrical safety test should be conducted per ANSI/SIA A92.2 requirements.

3. Check hydraulic and pneumatic systems for any leaks. If any leaks are observed, have it fixed it immediately to prevent future problems.

4. Don't jolt the controls as this could cause a sudden boom movement. This is extremely dangerous especially when a system malfunction occurs.

5. Check for damaged, loose or missing parts.

Danger and hazards will always exist. They are just waiting for the opportunity to sneak in and cause problems. No one is immune to accidents but everyone is prone to it. There is no such word as 'nine lives' when talking about danger. By following these simple guidelines, one can prevent the onset of these two potential bucket truck accidents - overturn & boom failure!