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Charmaine Wilbraham Diploma in General Nursing, SAMTRAC Occupational Safety, Environmental Auditing

Helping Women Help Themselves! Expert

Charmaine Wilbraham Quick Facts

Main Areas: Health, Occupational Health & Safety, Empowering Women

Career Focus: Business Owner (Consultant) and Internet Marketer

Affiliation: South African Nursing Council

Hi there, as you see, my name is Charmaine. I am married to my most fantastic & supportive husband, Michael, and have a daughter & son who are both out of the home & making lives of their own.

You're probably wondering why I decided to become a member of this site, so let

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Observing Health and Safety at Work

Regardless of size, all businesses have a legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of their employees and visitors to their workplaces and offices, and a range of federal and state laws exist to ensure that responsibility is met. This article explains the main steps you must take for your business to properly meet and enforce health and safety regulations. It offers guidance about such topics as policies, ensuring that your fire safety plan is adequate, providing personal protective equipment, establishing a first aid procedure, record keeping, and forming a safety committee.

What to DoUnderstand and Adhere to Fire Regulations

Because a fire represents the ultimate

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Ohio Safety And Health Administration: Small Businesses

Ohio Safety& Health Administration's (OSHA) goal is to prevent any avoidable injuries that could occur on the job. This includes changing and adding various regulations and policies that may have that has the potential to fix or reduces injuries at work. OSHA takes into account the size of the business when resolving a penalty for a violation. Small businesses also have various programs to help increase understanding of health and safety matters.

Advantages for Small Businesses

One of the biggest benefits is that the Field Inspection Reference Manual (FIRM) may reduce a business's penalties up to 60% depending on the size. The percentage reduced is depended on the number of people that are employed by a particular company. If a company has less than 26 employees, it may receive the 60% reduction. If the company has between 26-100 employees the reduction could be at 40% and between 101-250 employees the reduction could be as high as 20%. The final percentage off is still to the discretion of the OSHA inspector.

For very small businesses with less than eleven workers, the company is not obligated to follow all of the OSHA recordkeeping requirements. They are also excused from a large amount of the recording and reporting of work-related injuries and illnesses.

OSHA offers free consultation to assist in recognizing potential workplace problems and setting up new safety and health regulations for the company. OSHA starts with industries that have high accidents rates. These consultations can recommend solutions for a health problem; offer information about safety and health findings; aid in producing a safety efficient management system and; train the employees to avoid and distinguish potential safety issues.

The benefits of conducting a consultation include: employees become more aware of the potential hazards and safety issues; lower occurrences of injury and; lower costs from workers' compensation.

Health and Safety Programs

There are four programs offered by the OSHA to help boost employees and employer's awareness on safety matters. The first course is the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). SHARP is an on-site consultation that awards excellent employers who have gone above and beyond to promote safe working conditions for its employees. The major benefit of this is that the company is excused from OSHA's general inspections for one year.

The next program is the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), which encourages organizations to pay close attention to the safety and health of its employees. The VPP helps management, labor, and OSHA to collaborate together in accomplishing safety and health strategies. The VPP and OSHA identify companies that have accomplished various strategies to prevent work-place hazards from occurring.

Compliance Assistance Specialists (CAS) coordinates with a wide variety of businesses of all sizes in accomplishing better safety procedures. CAS completes these issues by holding hands-on training and also classes to teach employees and employers various hazard avoidance techniques.

The last program is the Alliance Program. The goal of the Alliance is educate employers and employees on correcting workplace injuries that could have been avoided all together. It is used to get the employees and employers on the same page in terms of prevention policies and improving safety awareness.

The last useful tool for eliminating and responding to safety mishaps is the OSHA Small Business Handbook. The book will inform employers on meeting the standards imposed by the OS Act of 1970. The handbook also includes industry checklists to follow in order to easily recognize areas of improvement.

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Health Management Standards - InfoBarrel

The health management standards set down minimum requirements for the management of health in companies where the companies have operational control. Compliance with a nation national statutory requirements is mandatory for all aspect of health management. Currently accepted scientific knowledge should be applied in interpreting these standards.

The seven (7) Minimum Health Management Standards are discuss below:

1. Health Risk Assessment - Management programmers' are to be in place to assess, control, and document those health risks

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Workplace Wellness Program Trends.

A worksite health promotion initiative in the workplace ought to be designed to help mitigate an employee's healthcare needs as well as ensure that job goals are healthy and in balance.

Now a employee wellness initiative can't fix an illness as severe as Lupus, but it may assist the worker to better manage the physical needs and stress that may go along with such an ailment. Many females who suffer from premenstrual headaches often find themselves changing from one brand of birth control medication to another, but frequently, an employee wellness initiative can help identify methods to better alleviate such headaches without modifying prescription drugs.

Health and wellness products are not generally promoted within a corporate wellness initiative, although they are not discouraged. Worksite wellness initiatives are most frequently used to help staff members identify simple ways to enhance their health and well-being , through bettering nutrition and adding routine exercise.

A good corporate health promotion program should also tailor personal activities, meals or recommendations to each person depending on their own specific needs. The activity level for an individual recovering from a knee replacement surgery will be considerably different than the program for a normal healthy adult. Worksite health promotion will be unique.

A lot of companies find that offering an occasional on the job massage is adequate to promote an excellent spirit of workmanship in the workplace . It is indisputable that a massage feels refreshing, but studies have noted that a good deep tissue massage generally promotes good circulation, increased brain activity and increases alertness for several hours, all good factors in the workplace .

A workplace health promotion program isn't a surefire method to get all workers on the same page as far as their health and well-being , but it is a step in the right direction. When more and more companies promote wellness in the worksite it becomes the norm and workers are more likely to follow suit by taking responsibility for their own health and wellness by making better long-term options .

By: John Bate

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John Bates is the most prolific health and wellness expert of this generation. His work and more than 5,000 free employee wellness related handout, posters, guides, tool kits at Wellness Proposals and Infinite Wellness Solutions. On both sites you will also find a complimentary Wellness

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Company Wellness Programs May Boost Bottom Lines, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini Says

Company wellness programs for employees that include complementary medicine features like yoga can benefit bottom lines, according to Mark Bertolini, chief executive of the health insurer Aetna.

When Aetna determined in 2010 that its workers with the highest levels of stress were costing the health and safety management company $2,000 more each year than co-workers, the company created an initiative to promote yoga and meditation, Bertolini said at the Third Metric conference co-sponsored by The Huffington Post in New York Thursday. The results include improvements in heart rates and increased productivity, and help Aetna reduce its employee heal

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SnowFit: An Innovative Approach to Employee Health and Wellness


by Lurlynn Potter and MarKay Gold

SnowFit is an employee health and wellness program that combines the benefits of step counting and education on healthy lifestyle choices, with motivational and inspirational support at the workplace. A feasibility study was conducted when it was determined that funding for the new program was available. This study concluded that the program had the potential to be virtually self-sustaining.

Program development involved negotiating five major items that were critical to the success of the program. A survey was conducted to validate the direction, community health experts were consulted, processes were put into place, and social